The first of four construction phases of the HAMBURG INNOVATION PORT (HIP) has opened. Hamburg Innovation Port – the idea of bringing science and business together under one roof – has been successfully launched.

“HIP One” was ceremonially opened today, November 28. The total area of approx. 6,000 m² has already been handed over to the new tenants, the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and innovative business enterprises. The building, which is designed for sustainability and efficiency, offers office and laboratory space as well as a spacious meeting area with a roof garden for networking, working, recreation and events. Science Senator Katharina Fegebank and Senator Michael Westhagemann spoke at the opening.

Katharina Fegebank, Senator for Science, Research and Equality: “The opening of HIP One is an important step for Hamburg as a hotspot for science and innovation. A creative and lively space is being created here that brings together people from science and business to work together on sustainable solutions for pressing issues of the future. I am looking forward to many exciting impulses and innovative projects from which the whole of Hamburg will benefit. I am also particularly pleased for the TUHH, which will be able to further advance its growth plans with the new additional space. As a competent partner, it is making a significant contribution to the further development of the creative innovation space at the southern Elbe river. A strong signal is already being sent out by the sustainable and energy-efficient implementation of this construction project. I wish all the new tenants of HIP One much success and a good working relationship!”

Senator Michael Westhagemann is also pleased about this innovative project in the south of Hamburg: “In terms of content, the project fits perfectly into Hamburg’s innovation policy and our innovation park concept. In line with the competencies of the surrounding university and non-academic research institutions, Hamburg Innovation Port focuses on information technology and digital technologies, particularly in the fields of logistics, production systems, transportation and medical engineering. Accordingly, I cannot emphasize enough how much the Senate values private involvement in this area.”

HIP is a privately initiated technology and innovation site in Channel Hamburg by the Hamburg-based construction company and project developer HC HAGEMANN. In addition to the expansion of the Hamburg University of Technology, a total of 70,000 m² of space is being created here for technology-oriented companies, research institutions, startups as well as laboratories,events and coworking spaces. Networking between business, science and the establishment of a start-up scene is to be driven forward in a targeted manner and enable the greatest possible synergies.

The “HIP One” not only stands out from its surroundings due to its special architecture by the architects MVRDV with its ceramic facade, but is also a building that was developed and constructed under the highest standards of sustainability and efficiency. Conventional solutions, such as the use of fossil fuels, were completely avoided. Photovoltaics and air-source heat pumps provide the required energy and heat, and the building is fully air-conditioned. The spaces have state-of-the-art heating/cooling ceiling sails with which the indoor climate can be individually controlled and, for example, reduced by up to seven degrees in relation to the outside temperature in summer.

Since October 1, the TUHH has taken over its first space including laboratories in “HIP One”, in accordance with the approved growth concept. On the 4000 m² of 15,000 m² planned, research and teaching will take place in the highly relevant areas of environmental technology, energy management, computer science and artificial intelligence. In addition, the startup 3D.aero GmbH has moved into in. The company researches, develops and sells innovative robots and automation solutions for the aviation industry. On the 3rd floor there is a spacious recreation and event area, which has been set up especially for the tenants, but also for external parties. Play and sports equipment, comfortable lounge furniture, community tables as well as a coffee/drink bar are intended to ensure exchange and relaxation and provide creative space for innovative ideas. With an extraordinary view over the harbor area, the directly adjacent roof garden offers additional space for conversations and outdoor stays. The area can be rented for lectures, meetings and corporate events. But it also offers space for coworking and gatherings of all kinds outside the office.

The second construction phase “HIP Two” is in the planning stage and another 20,000 m² will be created. The first spaces here will be ready for occupancy from 2021.